Ice Cubes

Our Ice Cubes are made from filtered water and are produced with great care.
The Ice Cubes are produced , bagged and packed into boxes for refreezing
We have spent much time researching our bags that are stylish, convenient to pack and easy to store and use.
Our Cubes can be purchased in 2 and 10 kg bags for wholesale, Airlines, Festival and Events.

Crushed Ice

We produce our crushed ice using one of the top branded machines in the industry. This product is sold in 10kg bags

Ice Balls

The size and shape of the ice you use play a key role in how drinks taste. Small ice cubes tend to melt faster than larger cubes and will therefore more quickly dilute mixed drinks.  A drink made with small cubes will taste best when it’s first served, but becomes watery and less flavourful in short order.
Larger ice balls melt slower and release less water into a drink. That means the first sip will taste as good as the last.

Ice Balls are perfect for Whiskeys, Gin, Cocktails, Pitchers, and Juice Jugs

XL Ice Cubes

These clear cool cubes are 2in x 2in, they are perfect for whiskey or cocktails, like the ice ball these cubes keep your drink chilled for longer without diluting the taste.

Ice Sticks

Ice sticks are a statement piece for cocktails. These look fantastic in a tall glass. These sticks are crystal clear and definitely have the wow factor.

Bar Block Ice

Ice Blocks are the most important ingredient a bar person can use to show the WOW factor in a cocktail drink. They can be shaved, chipped or cut the ice bar is easy to use and easy to store.